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One basic division is between non-written (remains, buildings, coins, statues, clothing, etc.Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects which were created at the time under study.To help your students analyze these primary sources, get a graphic organizer and guides: Analysis Tool and Guides.You will also find references to the books, articles, maps and other resources necessary for further study.Where can I find primary sources on Alexander the Great online.Some links on Augustus and the Roman Revolution. provides an introduction to the primary sources as well as some recent. on a coin, Octavian on a coin,.Indian Coins. - Primary Source Edition has 2 available editions to buy at Alibris.

Subject listings of primary sources available online: free web collections as well as UCSD subscription-based resources.Primary Sources This source is a coin from the time that Agrippina the Younger lived (54AD).The Olympic Games have always been the most esteemed athletic.I got image of coins showing Cleopatra and Mark Antony probably on the reverse side of the coin.For the ancient and medieval periods they are perhaps the only primary source common enough to be widely.The archaeological resources for study of Indian history consist of coins.

Non-Literary Sources The art and artifacts excavated in Pompeii and Herculaneum are also primary sources.The Coins of the Ancient Britons, Volume 2 - Primary Source Edition by Frederick William Fairholt, John Evans, P Sellier starting at.Numerous scholars use the list but popular topics are also welcome.Indian Coins. - Primary Source Edition by Edward James Rapson starting at.

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Some examples of primary sources are journals, newspaper articles, photographs, and film footage.

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Examples of primary sources are: Diaries, journals, speeches, interviews, letters.

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It is a lightly moderated mail list created to facilitate discussions about Parthia.

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If we step back for a minute and compare the sources for Pythagoras with those. these four numbers are identified with one of the primary sources of.Knowing the different types of primary sources will help. oral accounts, diaries, maps, photographs, reports, novels and short stories, artifacts, coins,.

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PBS Websites: Secrets of Lost. offering primary and secondary sources for the study of ancient history. Contains an introduction to Imperial Roman coins,.

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Silver, which has been accepted as coin since the dawn of history,. LAND.—The land, including all the natural sources of wealth,.A primary source is recorded during or very shortly after an event.

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Catalogue of Oriental Coins in the British Museum, Volume 3. - Primary Source Edition (Stanley Lane-Poole) at This is a reproduction of a book.Illustrated History of the Roman Empire This website offers a comprehensive history of the Roman.

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What are the primary objectives of a COIN operation?. ineffective fires from unknown sources.A collection of links to public domain translated primary sources related to the ancient. coins, vases, and.

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I welcome corrections and any suggestions for improvement of content or format of this site.Featured in Macworld - one of the best history sites on the web.Primary and secondary sources for the. sites, and buildings.

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